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Ventus Navigation LLC - Ventus PRO  artwork Ventus PRO
Ventus Navigation LLC
Genre: Navigation
Price: $ 149.99
Release Date: March 18, 2013

Ventus PRO, the first and only system that gives you control of key Expedition Navigation Software features from a remote device. Our new PRO version not only has all the features of the original Ventus Navigator that lets you view all the data that Expedition puts out in the palm of your hand but also gives you the ability to control the key functions of Expedition remotely.

New Features Include:
* – Uses the Expedition Timer 15, 10,5, or 3 minute timers
* – Set the ends of the Start Line
* – View the Active Mark in your current course
* – Select the mark you want to be Active in the current course
* – Ping new mark by range and bearing to create a new active course, or to insert new mark into an existing course
* – MOB Button on each page

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