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Kulana Media Productions LLC
Genre: Travel
Release Date: November 12, 2014

This FREE Vacation Countdown App gives you the EXACT date and time until you embark on your adventurous journey! Just input the starting date and time along with your special trip destination and watch the magic happen.

Going surfing in Hawaii? Sightseeing in Paris? Exploring the Grand Canyon? Hiking in Colorado or Skiing in Switzerland? This app was specifically made for you!

Some of our incredible FEATURES:
⁃NEW: More than one trip coming up? Great news globetrotter- set up a second and third countdown easily!
⁃CUSTOM BACKGROUND THEME: Set your favorite background theme from our many exciting choices or use your very own image!
⁃Some of our Beautiful BACKGROUND PICTURES include:
⁃A Lush Hawaiian Waterfall (ideal for trips to the tropics)
⁃Stunning Beach Scenes
⁃An Adventurous Hiking Trail
⁃A Pure White Snow Landscape
⁃A Picturesque Sunset
⁃An exciting mountain scenery with a clear blue lake
⁃A rare desert landscape with desert vegetation
⁃A Calm campground with tents
⁃An unforgettable honeymoon theme
⁃A map of Europe
⁃The icon is Las Vegas sign
⁃The powerful Statue of Liberty in New York
⁃A sights theme with different sights in Italy, France, London and other exciting places!
⁃An adventurous Mountain Valley
⁃Italian Vineyard landscape for wine tasting trips
⁃A fun Cruise Ship theme
⁃Exciting Theme Park / Amusement Park
⁃The world famous Eiffel Tower in Paris, France
⁃The picturesque Mount Fuji In Japan
⁃The Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy
⁃The magnificent Yosemite National Park
⁃The famous Kangaroo sign in Australia
⁃Famous white Buildings and amazing ocean view in Santorini Greece Island
⁃The Picture perfect Taj Mahal in India
⁃The Talk Big Ben tower and red telephone booth in London, UK
⁃The Massive Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, USA
⁃The Remarkable Great Wall of China
⁃The Tequila Mexican beach
⁃Adventurous New Zealand
⁃Trendy Los Angeles
⁃Seoul in Korea
⁃Majestic Blue Lake
⁃Massive Sand dunes

⁃Get inspired! Our vacation Quote of the day feature serves you a daily fresh vacation quote. You can even share the quote with your friends!

⁃Display or hide a cute suitcase icon along with your destination and official vacation start date with our Classic Countdown Design!
⁃Our Modern Countdown Design keeps it clean with just the remaining time until your adventure displayed in clean boxes in the middle of your screen!
⁃You hold the power. You can always choose which units you want to see. Weeks/Days/Hours/Minutes/Seconds. Which ones will you pick?

⁃Dont forget your vacation essentials! Our packing list feature makes sure you remember which items you need to back for your trip. Never miss a detail again!

⁃Keep yourself entertained with our fun and educational “Geography and Trivia” and “Flags of The World” games while counting down the ways until your special strip!

⁃Tell your friends about your amazing trip! Share your countdown via Facebook, WhatsApp, Email, and many more options!

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