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Genre: Sports
Price: $ 39.99
Release Date: October 31, 2015

TRASOL was developed for precision shooters who desire first-round hit accuracy to 1500 meters and beyond. By developing new ballistic algorithms that better predict a projectile’s flight curve to more closely align with proven Doppler radar data, TRASOL provides the most accurate shooting solutions available.

In live-fire testing of TRASOL’s predictions (using .338 LM ammunition and strict manufacturer’s published data), the following results were documented:

– Within 0.1 MRAD up to 1400 yards
– Within 0.5 meters up to 1700 yards
– Within 1.1 meters at 2200 yards

Key Benefits of TRASOL:
1)Global Prediction Accuracy:
Our proprietary algorithms make TRASOL the most accurate trajectory prediction calculator in the world and users don’t have to tweak bullet parameters, our calculator uses bullet data published by manufacturers to provide better predictions without the need to tweak the bullet parameters.
2)Intuitive Interface:
TRASOL is easy to use; we are extremely passionate about accuracy but we understand that speed is just as important as accuracy, so we designed an intuitive, easy to use program that optimizes the necessary and eliminates the unnecessary, here are some key features in the design:
a.Single screen Ballistics entry point: This allows shooters to easily input, and verify, all variables have been accounted for in order to ensure absolute predictive accuracy shot to shot.
b.Visual Icons; to allow quick recognition and clarity of fields.
c.Large button layout; allows gloved use of the program.
3)Automation of advanced tools:
Users want the accuracy benefit that advanced tools offer but they don’t want to get lost in the details so we designed these features to automatically activate when the data needed to utilize each feature has been entered into the equipment and/or ballistics fields. Users can choose to deactivate the advanced tools if desired, the advanced tools include:
a.Automatic stability & spin drift calculation
c.Automatic Density Altitude Calculator
d.Multi-Wind Bands
f.Tracking of Cold Bore
g.Tracking of Zero Settings
h.Field condition zero profile tracking

Other Important Features:
¥3500 Meter Ballistic Calculator
¥Trajectory Tables
¥Scope true click value compensation
¥Multi-Wind Inputs
¥Drag Coefficient Input
¥Cold Bore Tracking
¥Save Multiple User tracks
¥Save Multiple equipment tracks
¥Track multiple zero’s when swapping calibers or installing suppressors.

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