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Genre: Lifestyle
Release Date: May 9, 2012

A must-have parenting app! Create your own kid or baby journal, track your child’s development, and share your cute baby photos with family and friends privately and easily.

"Tinybeans is a platform for parents to celebrate and share the small and beautiful details of raising their family ** Forbes **

***Track Developmental Milestones & Achievements***
Use the Tinybeans mobile app to track your baby's development, capture the special moments and details of early days and cherish them forever. Whether it is your baby's first smile, first steps or the first time she says ‘daddy’ or ‘mommy,’ easily record those precious memories and share them with those closest to you.
Tinybeans also offers expert tips on raising children and articles on infant, toddler, and young child development.

***Record Photos, Videos & Notes***
Tinybeans gives parents the power to create, store and share their children’s moments in one seamless experience and enables you to create a personal journal for each one of your kids in an organized calendar.
Try Tinybeans and see how easy it is to upload and privately share photos and videos. The app has been designed to be user friendly so family members of all ages can enjoy it – including grandparents.

***Create a pregnancy journal***
Keep track of all pregnancy stages and use Tinybeans to record your pregnancy week by week.

***Safe private social network***
Tinybeans is a secure private network made for parents by parents. With Tinybeans you can privately invite your closest family and friends to follow your children’s journals and even receive email updates of new moments.

***Perfect for young parents***
Join the hundreds of thousands of families from all over the world that use Tinybeans on a daily basis.
“This app helps me journal each day and share picture moments with grandparents, aunts, uncles and anyone else close to my kids. It makes looking back on the past few years a blast." – James H
Extra Features:

* Create amazing slideshows
* Make beautiful photobooks
* Get helpful parenting tips & read exclusive articles
* Accessible through mobile and desktop

Install Tinybeans today and start recording the family moments that will accompany you forever.

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