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Fineology LLC - The Key Sergeants Exam 2016  artwork The Key Sergeants Exam 2016
Fineology LLC
Genre: Education
Price: $ 34.99
Release Date: January 26, 2016

An investment in your career and future.

Designed exclusively for The Key and students like you!

This first-of-its kind app allows you to quiz yourself on material you need to pass the Sergeant's exam.

They're over 700 in-depth questions that tests your knowledge of the Patrol Guide, Legal Bulletins, Penal Law, CompStat Math, Grammar, and Judgement & Ability.

This app features exam like questions; they're all multiple-choice, just like the real exam.

Questions written by people with first hand experience. What more can we say about that?

In-depth explanations for each question.

Bonus list of acronyms to help you remember the common procedures.

Track your progress as you learn and get better with the material.
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