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Genre: Lifestyle
Release Date: August 23, 2017

Skin Motion is a patent-pending augmented reality app that allows you to play sounds encoded in Soundwave Tattoos™. Turn your loved one's voice, a pet, your favorite song, or any other sound you want into a tattoo you can listen to remember again and again.

This version of the app is for playing tattoos created by Skin Motion only. The Tattoo Creation Tools will be available to users to create their own tattoos in the coming weeks. Users can purchase a Soundwave Tattoo activation voucher for $ 10 off of the price at launch.

Created by Nate Siggard in April 2017, the first Soundwave Tattoos™ were viewed over 200 million times and has been reported on by NBC, CBS, Fox, Reuters, BBC, Buzzfeed, Mashable,, Playboy, and more.

Soundwave Tattoos ™ are the first service available from Skin Motion ™.

Skin Motion™ technology is a patent-pending.
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