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Genre: Lifestyle
Price: $ 9.99
Release Date: May 16, 2015

Add some more functionality to your Tesla car with the new Remote S app.

Features currently exclusive to the Remote S app:
– Fully functional Apple Watch app
– Start car with Touch ID without needing a password (can be disabled)
– Opens, connects, and issues commands faster than the Tesla app.
– Camp Mode allows you to keep the HVAC on in the car even though there is no activity. Normally, the car will turn off HVAC after 30 minutes.
– Trigger HomeLink even if the car is plugged in, not in PARK, or you are not near the car
– Summon your car when not near it
– Display battery usage (vampire drain)
– Adjust the panoramic roof to more settings than just vent and close with a button or a % slider.
– No-Commands Mode lets you log in the app for your family/friends to monitor your Tesla's location live without allowing them to issue commands to your car.
– Breadcrumb tracking allows you to see the path that the car has recently taken.
– Trip statistics shows your current MPGe, kWh used, miles traveled, kWh per 100 miles, cost savings vs. an internal combustion engine car, cost savings over the lifetime of your car, and many more fun stats.
– Save trip routes to different save slots and compare the distance, kWh used, cost, and more for each route.
– Accurate odometer/range readout with decimal places.
– In-app browser can detect commands from javascript and html so that you can create and use a webpage to control your car
– This opens up all sorts of functionality, such as scheduling, queued commands, and repeated commands
– Consolidated stats and commands into one screen for quicker and easier access
– Start/unlock car with Apple Watch without a password
– Ability to change passenger and driver temperature settings separately instead of always together
– Estimated range is displayed (this takes the average consumption of your past 30 miles and estimates your battery range based on that past usage)
– Monitor all three ranges (estimated, rated, ideal/typical) at the same time without changing the settings in your car

Along with the exclusive features, we also included the basic commands that will work on the Apple Watch and iPhone/iPad/iPod.
– Unlock/lock car
– Start/Stop HVAC (Heating and A/C)
– Roof control (if you have a pano roof)
– Temperature change
– Honk horn
– Flash lights
– Enable/disable Valet Mode/Clear PIN
– Summon reverse/forward/stop
– Trigger HomeLink
– Start and stop charging
– Open/close charge port (if supported)
– Car location display and tracking
– Support for kilometers/miles and Celsius/Fahrenheit (the app will automatically read the settings from your car, but you can manually change it)
– Display charging stats (amperage, phases, voltage, mi/hr, time left, etc.)

Privacy notice: This app only communicates directly to your car manufacturer's servers when sending login credentials and commands. No identifying information is stored by our company.

Can't login? For anyone with trouble logging in, it is probably because your account was locked for entering the password wrong more than once. You just need to reset your MyTesla at the Tesla website to unlock your account. The official app still works even if your account is locked if you already signed into it before the lock. So don't just open the official app and think that your account is unlocked.

Special Thanks: The Tesla Motors Club. ELEKS' Labs for their Apple Watch Tesla concept app. Teo5 for the icon graphics. Will Loconto for the sound effects.

Disclaimer: This software and documentation do not come from nor is endorsed by Tesla Motors Inc. Use this app at your own risk. The author does not guarantee its proper functioning. This app attempts to use the same interface used by the official Tesla apps. However, you are responsible for any changes to your car caused by using this app. Use of this app can move or change settings to your car and we are not liable for any damages to you, your car or any other object in conjunction with the use of this app.
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