Genre: Games
Release Date: June 13, 2017

Suddenly the monster corps that appeared suddenly the hero who broke the city
It is a game that revives the city while knocking down monsters.

■ Scrap factory
Collecting parts that destroyed the car can be used as a material to restore the city.

■ Recovery of physical strength
By eating at a restaurant you can recover your physical strength and gain experience values.
If experiences are accumulated, the level will rise and power up.
Even if you are beaten by a monster and your physical strength goes to 0, there is no penalty,
Let's get stronger by eating by challenging monsters more and more!

■ Purchase Special Moves
By buying scrolls in the dojo you will be able to use multiple mortal works.
The mortal work with the attribute effect becomes stronger as you use it.
There is also a supernecessary technique in the hidden room !?

■ Purchase items
In the laboratory, inventions are being sold that status goes up and enemy's physical strength can be measured.
As the level of the laboratory rises, it may become possible to know the weaknesses of the enemy !?

Equipped items can be trained by defeating monsters.
Experience value is not included for items not equipped, but the effect is given.

■ Conversation with people in the city
Tap people in town and you can tell me various hints.

© © 2017 Toshihiro Shimada

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