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Andrew Reid
Genre: Education
Release Date: October 12, 2015

Hands down the best medical review for your EOR (end of rotation) exams, PANCE, and PANRE! Practicing clinicians will also benefit as all the information is easy to find, evidence based, up to date, and to the point.

This is not another q-bank that forces you to answer hundreds of questions. This is a focused review of all the disease processes outlined on the PANCE/PANRE blueprint. The app clearly outlines how to diagnose, explains the order in which to order labs/tests, and provides evidence based treatment for over 450 medical conditions!

All the content is regularly updated and the in-app support feature makes it incredibly easy to ask for help, should any questions arise.

Access to the entire Cardiology and ENT sections are available for free. The remaining sections are available as a single, one-time in-app purchase.

Available Sections Covered:
1. Cardiology

2. Pulmonology

3. Musculoskeletal/Rheumatology

4. Gastrointestinal

5. Reproductive

6. Urology

8. Endocrinology
9. Neurology

10. Hematology
11. Psychiatry 

12. Dermatology

13. Infectious Disease

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