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Release Date: January 13, 2016

Ready to tackle reading the AFH 1?
Get our AFH 1 Library – free! Track your progress, focus on the sections you need and view MKTS values to plan your studies. Every Airman should have one on their phone or tablet!

PDG Central includes the full text of AFH 1, The Airman Handbook, for free. Use our innovative study and tracking system anytime to study with the AFH 1 Library!

The demo versions of our other study modes are also included for free. Explore what our top-of-the-line guides have to offer. When you're ready to start studying, buy the full versions via in-app purchase to help you prepare for your Air Force promotion exam!


– 2015 PDG ReviewNotes simplify and summarize the text of AFH 1, The Airman Handbook.

– 2015 PDG Single-Answer Questions cover AFH 1 in a straightforward flashcard-style format.

– 2015 PDG Multiple-Choice Questions provide a quick, easy way to quiz yourself on the contents of AFH 1. They come with our Final Exams, which simulate your Air Force promotion exam to gauge whether you're ready for test day.

– 2015 PDG Suite lets you get it all! Study with up to 12,199 questions and ReviewNotes from all study modes!


– Five unique study modes

– The most comprehensive coverage of AFH 1 anywhere

– Customizable study goals

– Question sorting by good/bad, seen/unseen and more

– Question flagging

– Instant AFH 1 source lookup

– Tests with 25, 50 or 100 questions

Looking for another way to study The Airman Handbook?

PDG GOLD is software for PC or Mac that offers incredible features, customization options and study games. PDG Advisor is our online study guide that comes complete with MKTS-based study suggestions and easy on-the-go suggestions.

Check out our website for these and a huge array of study materials for every learning style:

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