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Genre: Navigation
Price: $ 3.99
Release Date: November 15, 2017

Northern Compass & Navigation orients its users using two multiple compass types placed side by side – creating a powerful navigation tool, greater than the sum of its parts. By providing two separate sources of directional data, users can cross validate and compare their results while they navigate making Northern one of the most powerful and accurate Compasses available for iPhone, iPad, and the Apple Watch.

Compass #1 – GPS Track Compass
– Works on your Apple Watch while your phone is in your pocket
– Uses your GPS to track your path
– Users can select how many samples they want to include with each direction reading – up to 40 for very long paths or as few as 3 for more responsive readings
– Extremely accurate given a strong enough GPS signal and straight enough path

Compass #2 – Magnetic Compass
– More sensitive then the GPS track compass
– Includes hardware accuracy reporting

Northern is Great for …

… wanderers …
… those with a poor sense of direction …
… people who like to explore, know where they are, but not necessarily require a fixed rigid set of directions.

Extra Features…

Northern uses Google Maps displayed right below our compasses. Users can toggle between terrain, satellite or hybrid modes. We've also integrated Google Places, letting users quickly search for any destination with only a few taps.

Fun sharing features, including a scavenger mode, let users leave scrambled messages for one another – just find the location to unscramble.
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