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Kirillov Novel
Genre: Reference
Release Date: September 21, 2018

Why is Neurons Test so excellent? We start from the heart to let you know yourself and grasp your life. We believe that everyone's soul needs health as well as our body, and we think about how those silent and dim souls shine and how unique they are. So whether you're on a dark, windy night or on a deserted street, don't be afraid , come to Neurons Test, you can find yourself completely new.
1. Test content is rich.
2. Function interface is simple and easy to use.
3. Real time updating of question bank

About Subscription: Automated Update Purchase Price $ 0.49/weekly for Application Purchase, the first three days of subscription are free. First of all, please confirm that your purchase account,you can not cancel the currently active subscription after successful payment. Users need to renew the subscription automatically within 24 hours before the end of the subscription period. If you don't want to be charged, you need to turn off the automatic renewal function to account settings. If the user purchases the subscription package during the free trial period, the unused part of the subscription period will expire.

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Dear reviewer,hello, here is my interpretation of the application's features and design.
1. The application implements the functions of topic list browsing, question and answer, and conclusions. You can get the corresponding answer by answering the questions you are interested in.
2. The application integrates the automatic renewal subscription function, the application allows the user to browse all the topics, and can answer any two questions of interest to the user for free. If the user wants to answer the third question, the internal purchase interface pops up and the payment is made. After success, you can unlock all the questions and ask questions and answers.
3. The application will update the topic every day, updating 40 questions each day.
4. If the user purchases the product, he can click the restore button to pull the bill. After verifying the bill, all functions are unlocked.

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