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Genre: Business
Release Date: September 30, 2014

Scratch those paper mileage logs! MileWiz will catch every drive you make, automatically!

Driving your car for personal & business purposes?
You are eligible for tax deductions! IRS deductions are 57.5c per qualifying mile in 2016. Driving 30 miles a day can save you up to $ 4500 per year on your tax return. MileWiz helps you keep track of your drives and allows you to easily classify them as business or personal.

Driving a company car?
Get your employer to reimburse your travel expenses. MileWiz will help you separate your personal and business trips. You can also add expenses like gas, toll and parking and send monthly reports to your employer.

“The IRS is very good at winning travel deduction cases.” (Australian Business Times)
Get protected with digital logs that record your drives automatically. The IRS can’t argue that, can they? MileWiz exports your trips in an IRS compliant format.

We’ve created SmartDrive – a technology for auto-detection of drives, that’s superior to anything on the market.
The way most mileage trackers work is that they only record your start and end points and route between them. That often results in wrong route data and you may face penalties if challenged by the IRS or your employer.
MileWiz detects your entire route and does this in a way that won’t drain your battery so fast. MileWiz monitors multiple sensors of your device to determine speed and acceleration. It also automatically adjusts its precision based on your speed and the area you’re driving in, giving you the most accurate trip route with the least battery usage.

• Detect & log drives automatically, even when MileWiz is not started
• See your entire drive route on a map
• See drive distance and value
• Categorize drives with a simple swipe
• Add Places that you visit often and set MileWiz to automatically categorize your trips to these places
• Configure working hours for automatic categorization
• Merge drives by pinching them together
• Add drives manually if you want to
• Track expenses for gas, tolls and parking
• Create as many categories as you want (MileWiz comes with pre-defined categories and their respective tax deductions for 2015 and 2014)
• Create as many clients as you want
• Tag drives
• Use multiple vehicles and drivers if you need to, with easy switching between them
• Generate reports by any criteria you want – be it a time period, driver, vehicle, tags, category etc.
• Export data to CSV
• Sync all your data between devices or just keep a cloud backup with SYNCbits. It’s free!
• Pause drive monitoring when needed
• MileWiz is IRS compliant
• Fanatical customer support, with average reply time of 4 hours

MileWiz is free for your first 20 drives a month, every month. Upgrade to unlimited drives for $ 4.99/month or $ 49.99/year.

** MileWiz pays off for entire year, after 87 qualifying miles **

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. MileWiz employs advanced algorithms, designed to limit the GPS usage and use a minimum amount of battery power.

Your MileWiz Unlimited Driving Plan will automatically renew each month (or year, depending on plan) and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings. Please, visit our Privacy Policy page for more information.


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