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Genre: Photo & Video
Release Date: March 1, 2015

Show the world what you love to do with the new Live:Air (Pronounced “Live to Air”) video production suite for iOS. With a host of real-time video editing tools and support for all of the popular live streaming services, the Live:Air app helps you share your experiences online with a professional look that will keep viewers locked to their screens.

Add style to your online broadcast with Live:Air’s selection of titles and scoreboard overlays and video bumpers. Mix up your live stream with pre-recorded video clips, or even switch between multiple live video feeds, all with elegant looking transitions.

Live:Air allows you to preview and monitor each video source and audio input, track on-air uptime, and start/stop broadcast from an intuitive touchscreen interface. Even if you’re using only a single video feed, Live:Air can superimpose images and text effortlessly.

Import live video from your GoPro™, camcorder, or DSLR using any WiFi-enabled Teradek encoder. Every source is automatically discovered and configured for you instantly, even if you add more feeds during a live broadcast. For those without a camera, Live:Air can use live video from other iOS devices running the Live:Air Remote camera app or you can simply begin streaming with nothing more than your iPad’s built-in camera. An optional $ 99 RTSP license is also available to ingest live video from your AXIS camera or network video device.

With a T-Bar for manual transition control, a smart workspace for overlay design, and a built-in audio mixer panel, enthusiasts and professionals alike will feel right at home on this mobile live video production platform.

Easily stream to popular video platforms like Ustream, Livestream, or build your own using Wowza Streaming Engine™ to take advantage of more advanced features.

The free version of Live:Air allows you to broadcast with an embedded Teradek watermark. It has the ability for 2 Teradek devices or iOS devices and 2 graphic overlays to be used in a live broadcast. This version only allows a 30 minute broadcast time limit.

The Basic version ($ 49) removes the watermark and broadcast time limit.

The Pro version ($ 99) removes the watermark and all restrictions. It also adds the ability for up to 4 Teradek devices or iOS devices with 1080p video to be connected and the use of picture in picture, multi-view and chroma keying.

The RTSP feed ($ 99) in-app purchase allows you to pull RTSP feeds from IP camera such as Axis cameras. A recording in-app purchase ($ 99) allows you to record the program stream for archiving and post editing.

Note: iPad Air or newer is required (iPad Air 2 recommended). iPad Minis do not support 1080p.
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