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Release Date: January 2, 2018

Wanna to know what’s the most popular tags on your social media?
Wanna to find out the popularity of hashtags on Instagram?
Wanna to discover the hottest tags for the topic of your posts?

Magic Tags is the best tool for you to evaluate the popularity of tags, it also helps you to find the most hottest tags by searching insta tags. There are suggested tags for you to easily copy and paste them to your posts. It will definitely help you to get more exposures on Instagram. The more hot tags you use, the more views and likes you will get.

Also we have some suggested tag categories, including:

Holidays / Celebrations Tags

How to use the app:
Find out the popularity of tags on your instagram post
Search the hot insta tags what you want
You’ll know what tags are popular via searching
Find the popular tags suggested by us
You can customize the tags by the popularity
Instant Copy tags to your instagram posts
Your Insta followers or your friends will search your posts by tags you’ve inserted
Higher the popularity of your tags, more likes and comments you will get

Try with the most interesting features and bring new life to your favorite social network! Come on and try to find out the most popular tags around you. Enjoy it!

***NOTE: This app is a 3rd party application and not an official app of original Instagram company. It just makes you learn to use Instagram features and search relevant tags for your posts.
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