Hercules Tuff USB Charging Station Dock – 6 Cables Included for iPhone, Android (lights-3pack)

Hercules Tuff USB Charging Station Dock – 6 Cables Included for iPhone, Android (lights-3pack)

Hercules Tuff USB Charging Station Dock - 6 Cables Included for iPhone, Android (lights-3pack)

  • **BEST STOCKING STUFFERS EVER!!** (stocking not included) – best gift under for pet lovers, dog walking lights, cyclists, and general pedestrian safety
  • **WHY WE’RE BETTER** Strong REINFORCED spring clip – whereas other lights may not secure well and tend to fall off during a walk or a jog, our strong reinforced clip adheres very well to your jacket, backpack, or sports attire. Going hiking or walking in an area that does not have a sidewalk? Clip on your clothes easily and be seen. Lost a light during a jog or a run? No problem! Email us, we’ll send you a new one.
  • **VERSATILE IS OUR NAME** Use on bicycles as warning rear blinking lights – put one there, and use another on your helmet, you will be seen from both directions of incoming traffic and cars behind you, this means you can ride your bicycle and cars from both directions will see you.
  • **FREE EXTRAS INCLUDED** Instead of just sending you lights preloaded with batteries, we’ve decided to up the game: We’re sending you preloaded lights plus 4 extra batteries, which means that your lights will last twice as long!
  • **WE UPPED THE GAME AGAIN** We’ll up the game again – if you run out of battery life just send us an email and we’ll send you a new set, for free, with free shipping, up to 10 times (No, we’re not joking).


Q: Is this compatible to charge both my samsung galaxy s8 at the same time as my daughters apple iphone7? does it come with all the cables i need?

YES. This station dock can be used with any electronic device that requires charging through a USB port – bluetooth speakers, Fitbit, Apple Watch, etc… It has Smart Chip design and can fast charge the Samsung S8 at the same time as the IPhone 7.

It comes with 6 cables – 4 Apple, 1 USB-C, 1 Micro-USB.

if you need additional cables, for a limited time only, we offer each customer the ability to custom request up to 3 cables at no charge. 

Q: Are these fast charging in all 6 ports or just a few ports like all the other listings?

“Fast charge” is a term used loosely in this industry. Basically there are USB charging models out there that offers 1.0A with a low voltage output – which in some cases mean it will take 3-4 hours to fully charge most new smartphones. Our model offers 2.4A charge – a full charge in about 75 minutes for most new Android and Samsung models in all 6 ports, up to 10A total.

It also has a built-in mechanism guaranteed not to damage your device due to over-surge, over-current, or over-charge.

Q: Does it stop charging a device when the device is fully charged?

YES, it will stop charging when device is fully charged. 

Q: What’s the warranty on this? if usb cord stop working can i get a new one?

Yes. We have a 30 days money back guarantee and a 1-year replacement warranty. If your USB cable stops working we can send you a new one at no charge, for up to 3 cables.

List Price: $ 14.77

Price: $ 14.77

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