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Genre: Medical
Release Date: November 15, 2014

Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests, provides immediate, evidence-based information on the selection and interpretation of commonly used laboratory and electrocardiographic tests, diagnostic imaging, and therapeutic monitoring. Including more than 450 updated diagnostic tests, this mobile resource is ideal for answering questions encountered daily by physicians, nurses, students, and other healthcare professionals, such as:

• Which test is best to diagnose or follow a patient’s condition?
• What is the correct interpretation of an abnormal diagnostic test?
• How do I collect the appropriate specimen or prepare the patient for testing?
• Where can I find more information on this test in the medical literature?

• 450+ updated laboratory and diagnostic tests
• Evidence-based recommendations
• New and updated coverage of emerging and re-emerging pathogens and infectious agents
• Extensive use of algorithms, tables, and charts
• PubMed (PMID) links directly to journal citations and available articles
• Highlight and make custom notes within any entry
• Full Text Search – find topics across from any entry
• ‘Favorites’ for bookmarking important entries

Editors: Diana Nicoll, MD, PhD, MPA; Chuanyi Mark Lu, MD; Stephen J. McPhee, MD

Publisher: McGraw Hill
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