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Daniel Saidi - Goth Emoji  artwork Goth Emoji
Daniel Saidi
Genre: Utilities
Price: $ 0.99
Release Date: January 21, 2016

Goth Emoji is an emoji keyboard that lets you express yourself in ways that other keyboards don't.

IMPORTANT INFO: The current version of the app does not copy emojis in iOS 9.1. We are currently looking into this problem and will try to have a fix up asap.

Goth Emoji provides you with a bunch of goth-related emojis – images, clothing, accessories, persons, symbols, animals, emotions, comments etc.

To use the keyboard, go to Settings > Keyboard > Keyboards and add the Goth Emoji keyboard. Once added, enable full access (read more on full access below), to make it possible for the app copy emoji images to the pasteboard.

Emojis are sent as images, and therefore look identical no matter to where you send them. To insert them into a message, conversation etc. just tap an emoji then paste it into any text area that supports images.

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iOS keyboard extensions require full access to be able to copy images the pasteboard. This is unfortunate, since full access also enables network access, which makes it possible for a keyboard to track what you write.

This, however does not mean that a keyboard that requires full access automatically will collect your personal data. Sometimes, it simply must in order to function.

Goth Emoji ONLY uses full access to copy images to the pasteboard. It does not collect any personal data or track anything you write.
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