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Genre: Navigation
Release Date: August 28, 2018

Don’t waste your time searching for the best place to refuel your car, our application will do it for you! It will will automatically determine your location and show you the current price at the nearest gas station.

PRICE TRACKER (Moscow, Saint Petersburg)
* Choose your city and fuel type – the app will show you the best prices at the nearest gas station;
* Find out the address of the gas station, distance to it and the prices for each type of fuel;
* Petrol brands filter;
* Compare prices and choose the most convenient and profitable option.

+Learn the average price of gasoline in other regions of the country.

* Calculate your fuel expenses: enter the price per liter and volume -> find out the amount spent;
* Note the date when you gas up the car and keep your expenses under control;
* You also can easily calculate the fuel consumption and monetary cost for your trip.

* Track the full costs for a day, month or year.

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