Earth Impact – Nicolas Schulz

Nicolas Schulz - Earth Impact  artwork Earth Impact
Nicolas Schulz
Genre: Games
Price: $ 0.99
Release Date: July 31, 2017

Can you bring an end to human history? Experience the terrifying power of asteroids in this unique and visually outstanding puzzle game!

Maximize the devastating damage by arranging your impacts smartly, as you take control over one of the greatest threats to life on Earth.

Based on scientific computation models and presented with breathtaking visuals, Earth Impact offers a spectacular and surprisingly challenging puzzling experience with a deeper background.

● Simple and casual, yet challenging puzzling experience with a tactical touch
● Highly detailed graphics – follow the sunsets and see the sun glinting in the rivers of South America
● Free navigation around Earth in the second half of the game
● Simulation of direct impact effects based on scientific computation models
● Free of any ads and in-app purchases

© © 2017 Nicolas Schulz

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