dreamGEAR Universal USB Car Charger

dreamGEAR Universal USB Car Charger

dreamGEAR Universal USB Car Charger

  • Charges 3DS, DSi XL, DSi, DS Lite, DS, GBA SP, PSP, PSP Slim and most other mini/micro USB devices
  • Compact design, makes a great travel companion
  • Fits any standard car outlet
  • Charges most USB powered devices via original charge cable (not included)

The dreamGEAR Universal Car Charger allows you to charge a huge variety of devices through a standard car outlet with little effort involved. The device is highly compact as well as functional and is the perfect device to take along on road trips. The included USB cable (4ft) splits into 6 ends including mini USB and micro USB. Power and charge various handheld gaming devices with the included cable such as the 3DS XL, 3DS, DS, DSi, DS Lite, GBA SP and PSP & PSP Slim/3000/2000. You can also charge many smartphones, MP3 players and most other mini USB and micro USB powered devices up to 1 amp. If the included 6 headed charging cable will not match your device, remember that the USB Car Charger still allows you to charge most USB powered devices via your original charge cable (not included) such as iPhone and iPod. Get the dreamGEAR Universal Car Charger for fast and convenient charging and enjoy the included 6 in 1 solution to prevent a cable mess!

List Price: $ 14.99

Price: $ 12.00

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