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Release Date: January 31, 2017

Truck and Courier Drivers – Quick, simple 49 CFR placarding compliance with DGMobi.
– Avoid placarding infractions, speed up HAZMAT inspections
– Application calculates the placarding required for the loads one places on the truck based on UN Numbers, Class, Packing group, weight and rules.
– At each pick-up and drop-off enter or remove the load, and DGMobi recalculates placarding.
– Application complies with 49 CFR – includes segregation, and Toxic By Inhalation
– Displays 3 levels of placarding non-optimized, semi-optimized and Optimized. Gives you the driver a decision as to what placarding is acceptable on the truck
– ERG 2016 is available at your fingertips – no need to thumb through manuals in an emergency
– Multi-lingual interface – English, French and Spanish
– Class 1 segregation included. DANGER placard optimization included.
– Identify HRCQ loads and ensure proper permits are available.
– Speeds up HAZMAT inspections and avoid HAZMAT infractions and maintain safety points!
– Dispatchers can push orders to drivers from DGSMS
– All transactions are archived for 3 years or the validity of the license whichever comes first
– Drivers, don’t leave home without it!

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