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Release Date: May 12, 2014

With AVO, you can save up to 90% on your mobile roaming charges and:

keep using your own mobile number
access cheap local internet
no need for a second phone
cheap out going calls
users save on average $ 500 per 1week international trip

With AVO you can use your mobile number even if you're out of range for your carrier, if you have Wi-Fi connection.

How to avoid roaming charges:

1) Install AVO app and register your cell phone number
2) Once abroad get on the internet via WiFi or local SIMcard
3) Family and colleagues can call your usual cell phone number using any mobile or landline phone. You'll receive incoming calls on AVO
4) Enjoy low prices when calling home
5) Calls to other AVO users are free

What if I insert a foreign sim-card?
When you have 3G/Wi-Fi access, your mobile number remains accessible.

What if I get an incoming call when I have no Wi-Fi / 3G?
Once you have internet access, you'll receive a missed call notification within 3 minutes. And you can call back.

How much do I pay?
Incoming calls via AVO are free. Outgoing calls to US cost $ 0,01 – $ 0,04 depending on the preferred tariff. You select the tariff using in-app purchases.

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