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Voltage Entertainment USA, Inc. - Astoria: Fate's Kiss  artwork Astoria: Fate’s Kiss
Voltage Entertainment USA, Inc.
Genre: Entertainment
Release Date: July 15, 2015

The fate of Olympus will change forever with just one kiss…

Experience a thrilling romance with Mythical Beings!


Gods and Monsters living among humans can be a dangerous matter…
Good thing your agency exists to keep them in line. With big dreams and an even bigger heart,
you aspire to climb the agency's ladder until one day five mythical beings ask for your help!

"You don't know anything about monsters…yet."

People have always feared them, but…
Will you be the one to unlock the secrets to their cases…and their hearts?

Labyrinths of Astoria is back with a new title for an entirely new season!

-The Myths-

Hades: Godly Gentleman
”I need you up on Olympus ASAP.”

He's the god of the Underworld and…he wants you as his personal assistant!
Despite his intimidating looks, he is a true gentleman.
However, there lies a deep secret hidden behind his chivalrous ways…
Are you willing to discover the ruler of the dead's most precious secrets?

Hydra: Ice Cold Fugitive
"You're pretty good looking…for another one of the agency's dogs."

He's cool, he's smooth and he's… on the run?!
They call him a criminal, but you can't help but feel there's more to this man…
something behind that poker face of his.
You might just be the one to open up his heart of ice!

Medusa: The mysterious ex-gangster
”Don't believe everything you hear from the myths…”

She used to be on the agency's most wanted list…and now you're on hers!
Always calm and collected, Medusa's enigmatic appeal has you asking more and more questions…
But when her past life comes back to haunt her…
Will you be able to free her from the bindings of her past?

-About the AmeMix Series-

AmeMix is a brand new series by Voltage that takes our Visual Romance Apps to the next level! We have been blessed with an opportunity to implement the feedback we've received from our loyal fans of our Romance Apps series to create more diverse stories, characters and settings accompanied by beautiful art for all women (and folks of exceptional taste) to enjoy.

– How to Play –

-Download the app.
-Play the prologue. Keeping tapping the screen to continue!
-Choose your love interest!
-Make choices to bring you closer to your love interest.
-Enjoy the two endings.

-Beyond the Story –

-Input your email address to get personal messages from the game.
-Enjoy the special pictures.

-Important Information –
The prologue and first episode of each Main Story 1 is free.
Each main story costs $ 2.99 and contain 6 episodes each.
The story saves automatically at the end of every chapter.

Please check the FAQ before contacting us.
If you still need help after reading the FAQ, use the Contact Us button from within the App or use the App Support button on this page.
Please be aware that we cannot respond to App Store reviews.


Requires iOS 7.0 or later.

Recommended devices:
iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5

iPod touch 5th generation and iPad 2nd generation users:
Previously experienced crash issues have been fixed. However, please be aware that we cannot guarantee support if Astoria: Fate's Kiss is played while multiple other apps are being run simultaneously.

We do not recommend the following devices:
iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPad 1st generation, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad mini with Retina display, iPod touch 4th generation and earlier

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